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Roller-impeller flowmeters (in English)

Hydromachines of a roller-impeller type (RIH) are applied in engineering as pumps, hydromotors, flowmeters and have, at observance of standard unity, significant construstive differences decisively influencing functionalities RIH. In Russia the "GMZ "AGAT" company has run in production of roller-impeller hydromachines in version of the flowmeter of an own original construstion which ensure technoeconomical parameters much higher, than at other constructions.

The device "GMZ "AGAT" represents volumetric universal high-precision (reference) wide - band roller-impeller flowmeter (RIF) of fluid and gas, it is also the counter of quantity of fluid and gas, which can work at pressure up to 32 MPa and to execute functions batcher. The constrution of the flowmeter allows to measure the consumption of workspace with viscosity from 0,1 mm2/s up to 5000 mm2/s with accuracy of 0,1%. Workspace can be: petroleum and its products (mineral oils, black oil, petrol, kerosene, diesel fuel etc.), liquid chemical substances, liquefied gas, oxygen, nitrogen, natural gas, freon and many other single-phase fluids and gases.

In difference from analogs roller-impeller flowmeters on the technical parameters exceed (almost on the order) all known sensors of the consumptions
(for instance ultrasonic, spiral, from oval-gear, rotary, turbine, guided-vane, piston, Coriolis flowmeters) and can be used on the bench equipment as a metrological reference insrument. Characteristics of roller-impeller flowmeters are noiselessness in activity, sensitivity even to tiny consumptions of fluid or gas, small sluggishness of revolving parts, durability and reliability.

The area of application roller-impeller flowmeters is very wide: measurement of the consumptions on test beds, in hydrodrives of machine tools and production equipment, on fixed and movable petrol- and oilfilling stations, in fuel systems of carburettor and diesel engines of automobiles, tractors, road-building, agricultural, diesel locomotives and ships, as batchers at a filling up of tankers, tank-wagons, tanks. RIF can be applied in food and pharmaceutical industry.

The devices are certificated.